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This isn't just a 12 week guide packed with cookie cutter programmes. Instead these programmes have been tried and tested over the years to deliver optimal results when it comes down to maximising muscle hypertrophy and body recomposition.

  • A selection of 35+ programmes to choose from
  • All programmes have been designed by a certified coach - Mike Thurston
  • Choose how many days per week you wish to train
  • Tutorial videos on how to execute each exercise correctly
  • A selection of programmes which can be done at home, at the gym or with limited equipment
  • New programmes added throughout the year

Exclusive Video Library

An extensive video library covering all aspects of training, nutrition and life outside of the gym. With over 12 years of training under the belt and thousands of hours worth of experience working with clients, both in person and online, your coach knows how to help you achieve your goals.

  • Personalised guidance to help you along your journey
  • Answers to common questions regarding training and nutrition
  • How to get the best out of your training sessions
  • How to stay consistent and overcome obstacles
  • New videos added on a weekly basis

Record your progress

Hold yourself accountable by tracking your progress and watching your goals become a reality.

  • Record your weight fluctuations on a daily basis
  • View your personal progress chart
  • Capture and save photos of your physique changing over time

Curated nutritional plans

With over 200 crafted meals designed to help you fuel and maintain your ever enhancing physique, eating a balanced diet is as easy as browsing our menu of meals with an ingredients list laid out for you in an easy to use shopping list.

  • 200+ meals to choose from
  • Weekly shopping lists prepared
  • Switch between meals easily
  • Customise and add your favourite meals to your daily meal plan

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